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Modern floorings of H.D.F. type

The best choice to give beauty to concrete ceilings as well as to cover all the underlying telephone, electricity and sound system cables extending beneath, covering also the automatic fire extinguisher connections and the central AC connections. A false ceiling is also the best choice to give room to modern light system, such as light spots and flashlight reflectors besides effecting as soundproof, heatproof and fire resisting.

Tile false ceilings
• Mineral fiber tiles 60 X 60
• Coated gypsum tiles 60 X 60 (vinyl face & foil back)
• Metal tiles (bread tin or aluminum)
All are suitable for offices, corporations, banks, hospitals, stores, clinics, administration suites and hotels.
Gypsum Board False Ceilings
The gypsum boards are boards resisting fire and heat. They are flat and even with liability to shape and be coated with ordinary paint.
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